Our Process

Our Process

We take pride in doing the very best home inspections. Our goal is to make you confident in your knowledge of the property,  before you make a decision. We achieve this through commitment to your education of the property above all else. 

Step 1

Our first goal during an inspection is to teach you as much as possible about the property. Feel free to stop us for questions or explanations about things you see, we’re in this together. During the inspection the state of the property’s structure, electrical system, exterior, interior, plumbing, HVAC, and kitchen will be examined. This can take anywhere between 3-6 hours, and we encourage you follow along and ask questions!

Step 2

Once the inspection is done, it’s time to talk results. We’ll walk you through our inspection check list, going over major and minor problems. Keep the questions coming!

Any problems you have,  we can help solve. Our experts will happily suggest personalized strategies to protect the property in the future, and address current issues.

Step 3

Within 24 hours we will have prepared a full length inspection report. Just come back to our site and log on to Home Gauge! Curious what our reports look like? Check out some samples.

We don’t want the relationship to end here. We see long term relationships with clients as mutually beneficial. We do our best to provide a top end product, but we need YOU to keep it going. Realestate is a connection driven business, feel free to reach out to Isaac or Brenda with any questions, before or after the inspection!